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About Me

I am a freelance photographer. I do nature and outdoor photography, street photography, wedding & engagement/couples photography.  My unique perspective and creative vision delivers the essence of a moment or a place in the form of photographic art. My photography will bring you the sound of a waterfall or the roar of a subway train; a little piece of nature, the daily life on the streets or life's happy, honest moments where you will see, feel and experience the LIFE itself.  When I explore and capture what is around me, when I express myself though my art, I am truly happy and at peace, feeling rested and inspired.

I find photojournalism and documentary photography quite fascinating.  So much happens around us, near or far. There is always a compelling story that needs to be told, a social issue that needs a voice.  Using my art to make a difference in this world is important and very rewarding.  I always appreciate beautiful scenery, a mesmerizing sunset, pretty flowers; however, I often find myself drawn to decayed, old, abandoned, cracked, rusty scenes.  Seeing and finding beauty in unusual places; sometimes sad, bad or ugly, is invigorating. 

I do my best to get out there and find the beauty, discover the unique, capture what interests me and present it the way I see it. Some days the destination could be my own back yard or some days it could be a quaint town by the ocean, or a sunflower field close-by or a big concrete jungle couple hours away or my homeland oceans away, I explore all the possibilities that allow me to get there with my camera in my hand to tell a comprehensive and a compelling story. I climb on the top of my car, I get down and dirty, I hop from boulder to boulder, I gladly step in a puddle or a mud or wake up at the crock of dawn to catch the sunrise and continue to shoot because the feeling of contentment, inner peace and abundance that I find through photography is exhilarating.

I have learned what makes me who I am as a photographer today out in the field. I have read books and publications and online material; however, practice has been and still is my ultimate way of learning and enhancing my skills as a photographer. However, few years ago I took few commercial photography classes at Delaware Technical Community College. I also successfully completed an online individualized photography course offered by Photographic Society of America.  

I am a member of the Delaware Photographic Society (DPS), Fairhill Photography Meet-up Group and Photographic Society of America (PSA).  I currently serve on the board of Delaware Photographic Society as the Field Trip Chair. I lead photo field trips for the members.

My work has been part of the Wilmington Art Loop as well as Newark Art Loop several times. I won few local photography awards.  I received multiple acceptances to Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (WIEP).  Also I received several acceptances in DPS and PSA competitions.  I won the second place medal in the photojournalism category in PSA-MAC 2013 competition.  I won the DVCC best in show in photojournalism category at Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (WIEP) 2013.