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Sep 13, 2010

Who am I kidding?

Last week I said " In stead of painting the moment in a form of photograph, I will sit on the beach, will not think about aperture or shutter speed and just watch, just relax and inhale that peaceful moment". Yeah right! :) I can never leave my camera behind and enjoy a sunset or a sunrise or any beauty for that matter. I can never stop thinking about apertures, shutter speeds, compositions. Who am I kidding! It would kill me not to capture that moment. I would crave for my camera so badly that I would not be able to sit, relax and enjoy it. The only way I would enjoy a beautiful scenery would be through my camera, looking through the view finder, deciding on the possible perfect camera settings, looking for the perfect compositions, listening the sound of the shutter, checking the results on my LSD screen. The thrill and the joy of discovering or witnessing a breathtaking scene and documenting it via my perspective is the ultimate moment of happiness. Without my camera I would be a sad face :(. I find the sound of the shutter sooo exciting, it is pathetic. I do not know if it is a passion or an obsession or both but all I want to do is to take photos. I may be limited with my equipment, I may not be able to buy many fancy tools (I have a long list of things to buy such as reflectors, remotes, faster lenses, full format camera. . . etc.), or attend all the available seminars, workshops, or go to a photography school but that never stops me and it never will. The subject matters are endless, and there sure is no limit to my perspective so I do my best to get out there and find the beauty, discover the unique, or simply look at the ordinary and make it extraordinary and bring all that to you to my best ability. Some days this could be my own back yard or some days it could be a quaint town by the ocean, or a sunflower field close-by or a big concrete jungle couple hours away or my homeland oceans away, I will explore all the possibilities that will allow me to get there with my camera and I will find something worth capturing. I will climb on the top of my car, I will get down and dirty, I will hop from boulder to boulder, I will ingore no-trespassig/no entry sings, I will gladly step in a puddle or a mud or wake up at the crock of dawn and continue to shoot because the feeling of contentment, inner peace and abundance that I find through photography is exhilarating.

Enjoy the sunrise at the Battery Park in Old Town New Castle

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