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Sep 6, 2010

Tranquility of a lovely sunset at Lewes Beach

This past Saturday, I went back to Lewes Beach to catch the sunset again. Now that I have finally found a place, somewhat close by, where I can catch a sunset at the beach, it is becoming one of my favorite spots to photograph. The sky turned orange as it was on fire. The colors were so intense, so spectacular. The clouds added such drama. Many were there to watch the sunset and savor that incredible moment. When I see a beautiful moment in time, I always feel this strong urge to grab my camera and try to capture that moment before it vanishes; however, one of those days, I will manage to leave my camera in the car. In stead of painting the moment in a form of photograph, I will sit on the beach, will not think about aperture or shutter speed and just watch, just relax and inhale that peaceful moment and savor the tranquility of the lovely sunset as the day ends. One day . . .

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