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Jul 26, 2010

Worlwide Photo Walk in Lewes

This past Saturday, I was in Lewes to attend the Worldwide Photo Walk. Photographer Judy Rolfe has done a great job organizing the walk in Lewes; THANK YOU JUDY. About a 50 nice and a friendly bunch strolled in the streets of historic Lewes and took photos despite the exhausting heat. I, personally, was to exhausted by the heat that I could not really focus on too much other than getting a cold beverage or finding a shaded spot. I had my tri-pod with me but again did not even feel like setting it up until I went to the beach and got in the ocean to cool off. The heat slowed me down in so many ways and made me consume excess amount of liquids and eat ice-cream twice which is pretty much unheard of. During the walk one of the places we visited was the Farmers Market which I absolutely loved. I long for that kind of market in our area. It reminded me of my childhood. I used to go to a farmers market just like that with my mom and dad on Saturdays when I was a little kid. At the Lewes Historic Society Farmers Market, one stand had all sorts of good hearty bread smelled heavenly; one stand had yummy homemade ice-cream that I could not resist trying; one stand had this different types of delish melons; one stand had lavenders and lavender products and the lady gave me directions to their farm so that I could go to capture the butterflies and on the way there I discovered another dairy farm and had more ice-cream. Especially one of the flavors, orange-pineapple was to die for. We had quite a delish lunch at a restaurant called Beach House. After the lunch, I drove down to Rehoboth to go to the Northshore/Cape Henlopen Park to see the two WW II towers by the ocean. Too bad that certain section of the area was closed and that prevented me to get close to the towers and explore the possibilities of capturing them from different angles. I will go there during off season and try this again. I also went to the fishing pier also located in the park. I have done a lot and visited a lot in the area on that steaming hot day, even chased the butterflies at the Lavender Fields; however, because of the heat I just could not perform that well plus the sunlight was way too bright, I barely slowed the shutter with 8x ND filter down by the beach. On the way back home, I managed to stop by at couple of outlet stores and did a little shopping too :) Photography, good food, good company, being by the ocean side + shopping... Despite the fact that the weather was not cooperating that much, I still call this a my kind of day. Lewes is a little historic gem and I will definitely go there again on a much cooler day to explore what I could not on Saturday. Until then I hope you enjoy my photo walk + after photos... The photos below are just the few that selected to upload on this page. You may clik on the above string of photos to see the entire collection via Picasa Web Albums.

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