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Jul 17, 2010

Friday Happy Hour @ Gilpin Falls

I was at Gilpin Falls yesterday and what an extreme photography adventure that was. I heard stories about photographers breaking lenses, tri-pods, filters etc. there. I knew it was a dangerous place to be so I did not want to take the chance to go there alone. Well actually I went there the other day just to find out exactly where it was located and explore the area and see how dangerous it was to be there and then I decided not to take the chance to be there by myself. Fair Hill Nature Photography Meet Up Group assistant organizer Parsh Mehta was so kind and nice enough to offer to accompany me there. He has been there and he is one of the Gilpin Falls Photo Walk survivors so his guidance was crucial. THANK YOU Parsh for beeing there. The Falls is a big long stream with many cascades running down the hill; it is absolutely gorgeous. At the top, there is a beautiful covered bridge. We carefully carried ourselves and the equipment down the stream and stopped to take photos on the way; hopped from one rock/boulder to another; looked for flat boulders so that we could actually stand up and set up our tri-pods on. On the way back we struggled a bit to find the path we came down; the area is so wild that there is not even an apparent path way. There is poison ivy, plants with thorns, etc. We finally made it out at dusk time. I survived Gilpin Falls with nothing broken; with access sweat, dehydration, a red face, bunch of thorns stuck on my face and my arms, out of breath but at the end I can not tell you how happy and content I was. This is what I call a Friday Happy Hour! :) I definitely want to go back there again. Even though I got familiar with the place I still would like to have a company with me. If any of you would like to explore Gilpin Falls let me know :)

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