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Jun 30, 2010

Floral Impressions

I am trying a new technique with flowers. I have done so many sharp, more traditional close-ups, I thought it would be cool to try something new and different with the flowers; put a little twist and give them an abstract feel. Who knows this may turn into a new style for me :) Enjoy...

PS: In case you wonder, I did not use Photoshop or any editing tool to create them. This is the way I captured them via multiple exposures

Jun 18, 2010

Night time flash photography

The other evening I photographed some of my flowers using my external flash...

Jun 15, 2010

Flower Galore

As my little garden keeps blooming so are my captures :)

As much as I want to plant more flowers in my yard, I literaly have no room for another one. I am seriously considering expanding the flower bed. I have always loved and admired a beautiful garden but I did not realise that I had it in me to actually create and take care of one. So far so good, they are all alive and so colorful :) Also it is so conveninet to have many pretty flowers so close by; all I have to do is to step out to my front yard to capture them.

Jun 13, 2010

2nd Place Winner

About a month ago I entered a local photography contest, "Delmarva on View". The contest was sponsored by the Friends of the Lewes Public Library. They announced the winners this weekend. The award ceremony and the exhibit opening reception was held yesterday at the library and that's where I learned that I won the 2nd place in the landscape category. There were so many awesome photos on display, they had over 100 entries and majority of them were in landscape category. I am quite delighted that I am one of the awarded ones among all of those fabulous images. It is so nice and encouraging to be recognized especially for something I truly love to do. Lewes Library did a fantastic job putting all this together and I sincerely thank everyone who was involved with organizing this event.

All the photos will be exhibited and be on sale through July 31, 2010. Here is the link to library's website.

Below you will see my 2nd place award winner image "Splash". I

Bashful :)

The shy ones posed their backs on me...

Jun 7, 2010

Color or Not :)

I am all about color; bright bold colors are so energizing, so uplifting but sometimes sepia or B&W tones posses such elegance that I do not mind taking the color away.

Jun 6, 2010

Few of my favorite captures

Couple of helpful links about close-up photograhy

Jun 4, 2010

More of my Gerbera :)

I got another color of this beauty. I have not photographed it yet; coming up soon so stay tuned :)

Jun 3, 2010

More of my Echninacea

I fell in love with its color.


The weather has gotten pretty hot so I need to water my flowers every evening. The other day I took few photos right after I watered them. Enjoy...