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Jan 10, 2010

This past Friday, I was quite happy to wake up to a snowy day. As you may guess, I walked out of the house with my camera in my hand. After I dropped off my daughter at her school, I went to Valley Garden Park. I have been dying to photograph this beauty in snow since last year but the two times that I tried the gate was closed and I could not get in to the park. That morning, I wanted to give it another shot and drove directly to the park with the hope to find the gate open and guess what; one wing was open and that was enough for me to drive in; however staying in was another story. I won't get into the details but I must say I had to work some magic to stay inside :) :P I did not have much time since I had to be at work @8:30 so I ran down the hill and shot just the middle section of the park. You may recognise some of the angles from my fall captures of the park. Early morning sun was reflecting on the scene with its warm light. After I had to be done! (I wish I had an hour more), I ran up the hill, got into my car out of breath and very cold but extremely happy to go to work as I said "Yessss, I did it, I finally did it and captured the Valley Garden in snow". Good thing I checked my self in the mirror before I started the engine. I saw that I had a right raccoon eye. I look thru the view finder with my left eye sor the right one was exopsed to exposed to the cold weather and due thst it ran so did my mascara! I looked horrible:) Can you imagine me walking into the office like that. I am glad I spared my self an embarrassment. When I got to the office, I turned on the heater to defrost my frozen pants and started my work day with the snow covered garden still in my mind...

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