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Oct 31, 2010

Bushkill Falls

Years ago, we had a little family weekend get away at Bushkill and visited the Falls and hiked through the red trail (the longest trail) under rain and still enjoyed it alot. Finally, yesterday, after a very spontanous last minute decision, I visited Bushkill Falls again and took the longest trail to be able to photograph all of the waterfalls and the cascades along the way. I had a blast; the weather was perfect, the scenery was amazing. If you want to discover the entire park, you need to take the red trail. It is a challenging hike, however, I highly recommend seeing this natural beauty, also know as Niagara of Pennsylvania, through the red trail. It sure is worth the effort.

Oct 29, 2010

Sunrise @ Ed Oliver Golf Course

When there is rain in the forecast, I know the sunrise will be a red/pink one which I love.

Fall Impressions @ Ed Oliver Golf Course

The magic of warm, golden morning light reflecting on and illuminating the Fall impressions at Ed Oliver Golf Course

Textures of Fall

Fall Impressions @ Valley Garden Park

This Fall, I keep going back to this park hoping to find what I found last Fall; however, it is not happening. Even after the rain, the water level is so low that the mini falls are not flowing much :( They are no where close to the ones from last year. I will keep my hopes high for the next Fall.

You may view the 2009 Fall photos of the park under the title "Valley Garden Park" on the list.

Oct 25, 2010

Fall foliage @ Lums Pond

On Saturday, after visiting Beehive at Fairhill and Gilpin Falls at North East, I ended my day at Lums Pond where I stayed until sunset. The Fall foliage was not quite at its peak but the park still looked gorgeous.

Gilpin Falls Covered Bridge

The Beehive

I was driving to Gilpin Falls when I noticed those old ruin like structures along the side of the road and of course made a turn to discover what they were. There was a sign by the Elk Creek Preservation Society stating the name of this historical place as "Beehive". Then I noticed the "No Trespassing" sign; apparently they do not want people inside the buildings; however, the door was open on one of the buildings so I took that as an invite ;) and sneaked in to see what was going on inside. The stone structures were amazing, I quickly took few photos and went on my way to Gilpin Falls where I had a huge disappointment since it was almost dried up

When I got home I goggled some information about this place and this is what I found:
"The Beehive was constructed by stonemasons in the early 18th century possibly 1720-1730. The Beehive was an early industrial complex, it got it's name because of the busy commercial activity. The western most ruin was a coopers shop, there were 3 workers houses, and Michael Wallace's store."

The annual Apple Butter Festival takes place at this location on the third Saturday in October for 30 years. This means I should have been there last weekend! :)