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Mar 16, 2010

Catching the Sunset at Cape Henlopen

What a perfect way to end my first time at the park. Being able to catch the sunset over the ocean on the East Coast was quite a pleasant surprise.

Mar 9, 2010

More waves...

I set the tripod & the camera and sat there for a while to catch the waves... listened the roar of the ocean as I admired the the beautiful scenery... It was quite a delight.

Mar 8, 2010

Catching the Waves

What can I say... this is my way of catching the waves :)

It was a gorgeous, bright & sunny weekend full of photography and outlet shopping. I thought I was in heaven :)

Mar 3, 2010

Fall Leaf

I spotted this little one in a crack on the road in our neighborhood. I can not say enough how much I love back lighting.

Mar 1, 2010


With a 300mm zoom lens, this is as close as it gets. At a lecture I attended last week, the guest speaker was talking about his 800mm lens. Imagine what one can accomplish with that! :)